SimpliTV - Getting Started Guide

Whether you are new to streaming or have experience with streaming over various platforms, we have you covered with all you need to ensure you get the most from your SimpliTV experience. We will give you all of the details and knowledge that has come from years of experience and market research. This guide will be updated often to keep up with new and emerging technologies in a world where last year's models are antiques! Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to stay in the know and keep up with trending topics.

What to know before closing on your next great Entertainment Experience?

SimpliTV offers plans and billing cycles that align to the needs of almost any budget. Before making any investments into your next entertainment experience, you must first understand what you are looking to get from it. The first few items you will want to check off your list are devices, internet speed and connection requirements.

The Service. The most important feat is choosing a service that is stable and able to handle large amounts of connections, even during peak times and highly anticipated events. There are frequently reported outages from other big name, more expensive OTT media providers. There are also other cheaper providers in the wild that do not offer the extensive selection or stability that come standard with SimpliTV. Cheaper providers often inflate the channel counts by including free radio channels in their listings. They also are prone to frequent buffering due to having limited bandwidth and only a few servers powering their service. Our service has been the most stable and available service in the market for over a decade when compared to our competitors. With over 2000 servers globally, coupled with the load-balancing and anti-freeze technology incorporated, our service is the most proven stable and reliable service available. We welcome you to try our service and see for yourself!

The Devices. Our media service work with nearly all major devices, including Android, IOS, Google, FireTV, Smart TVs, and more. Roku has discontinued their private channels, hence preventing our service from operating on their platform. When choosing a device, you want to ensure you have a device that is no older than 3 years old as is may be too slow to handle HD and UHD quality. Check our device list for more comprehensive recommendations for top devices that we have tested to work best with our media player and service applications. Stay away from cheap devices and aftermarket Android TV boxes! Purchasing devices from a non-creditable source to save a buck may end up costing you thousands. Why??? These devices may come with hidden malware on them that leave you vulnerable to having your sensitive data and information compromised with you having zero knowledge that its even happening.

Internet Speed. The Internet speed requirements will depend on the number connections or screens you will be watching simultaneously. The recommended bandwidth is 25 Mbps for each connection. This means that to watch 5 connections/screens simultaneously from the same location, your internet modem should be capable of achieving 125 Mbps speeds in that location. You should run our speed test to check the speeds from your devices that will be used with our services. There are also speed tests built into the SimpliTV Android app, as well as 3rd party Android apps like Smarters, which can be used to check speeds from Android, Google and Amazon FireTV devices.

1. Choose a Plan

With a wide variety of options, we offer flexible plans to suite your budget. Our subscriptions are all inclusive and are differentiated by number of connections/screens that you will require in your subscription. Screens are simply the maximum number of connections you will make simultaneously; basically how many TVs you will be watching at a time, at any given time. When choosing a plan, you will want to consider features that are included in our Media Player, such as the Multi-screen feature, which allows you to watch multiple streams from 1 device. You will have to choose a plan that supports the number of streams you will connect; so the single screen plan would not support Multi-screen feature. Also, if you will be using mobile devices, you will want to ensure your plan supports those screens as well. Your plan should also account for holidays and those one offs that you will require more screens. Be sure to choose a plan that supports the maximum number of screens you may require. All plans currently include option to add a NordVPN subscription at no additional cost!

2. Install Apps

There are 2 types of apps that need to be installed to access our platform securely. The first is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the 2nd is a Media Player. Continue reading for details on each. It is important to note that some devices may come preinstalled with their own Media Player. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Application. A VPN, which stands for virtual private network, establishes a digital connection between your computer and a remote server owned by a VPN provider, creating a point-to-point tunnel that encrypts your personal data, masks your IP address. Having a VPN is not required, but is strongly recommended to avoid interference and throttling from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Click Here for more information on how your ISP impacts your streaming experience. Having a VPN will completely secure your streaming activity and protect you against:
  • Online Activity Tracking, which is Your ISP logging all of your online activities to use however they desire
  • Speed Throttling, which is Your ISP deliberately slowing down your internet speed
  • Internet Censorship, which is Your ISP blocking your connectivity to certain sites that they have blacklisted regionally
  • Your data being accessible to hackers and other third parties that monitor or spy on your online activity
A VPN allows you to access websites, services, and content without restrictions. Without a VPN, all of your streaming data will be available to anyone on your network, and completely accessible to your ISP. Also, not all VPN solutions are created equal! Choosing the right VPN is critical to ensure that you are not still susceptible to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which is is a method of examining data packets as they pass through a network. Organizations use DPI to understand the purpose of packets and block or restrict access to certain websites, applications, and services. This means that even if you use a VPN, The VPN server itself may still be subject to its ISP interference. SimpliTV service includes a NordVPN subscription for the life of your service. The following VPN solutions also work great with our platform: Media Player Application. The official SimpliTV Media Player app is recommended for all Android, Google and Amazon FireTV devices. If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you use the SimpliTV Web Player or the Smarters Lite app. There are tons of other Media Players available, but we have recommended those that have worked best with our platform. Please see the list of recommended apps to use for each device...
Device Recommended Media Player
Android TV SimpliTV Media Player
Google TV SimpliTV Media Player
Amazon FireTV SimpliTV Media Player
Apple TV Smarters Player Lite
Apple iPhone and iPad Smarters Player Lite
All Android Devices SimpliTV Media Player
LG and Samsung Smart TVs Smarters Player Pro
Formuler devices MYTVOnline3

3. Login

Once you have purchased your subscription, you will receive an email with subject "New Service Account Information" containing your TV login information. This information will be used to login to the Media Player apps mentioned above, or any other 3rd party apps that you wish to use. Be sure to enter the information in exactly as shown in the email. You will also receive a separate email from NordVPN with subject "Activate Your Account". Click the Activate button inside that email to set the account login details for your included NordVPN subscription.

4. Indulge!

Enjoy the Best Entertainment Experience the industry has to offer!